Long Dog Catalogue

Single colour samplers

Click on an image below to see a larger version of the design with prices and additional  details. Where photographs of finished examples are available  the thumbnail is marked with  (P).


Copy of opus 1.jpg (56728 bytes)

Copy of opus II.jpg (58685 bytes)

Paradigm found 2.JPG (346608 bytes)

Quaker.JPG (352973 bytes)

Opus I (P)


Opus II (P)


Paradigm Found (P)


Quaker`s Dozen


bears.jpg (47222 bytes)

bienvenue.jpg (35938 bytes)

stgermain_small.jpg (3015 bytes)

bois1.jpg (78478 bytes)

Do Bears? (P)


Bienvenue (P)


St Germain (P)


Bois le Duc (P)


wedding_small.jpg (2761 bytes)

stsylvestre.jpg (56014 bytes)

Copy of streatham2.jpg (77567 bytes)

token.jpg (73848 bytes)

Wedding (P)


St Sylvestre (P)


St Reatham (P)


The Token (P)


rosemarkie.jpg (53019 bytes)

stgeorges_small.jpg (3827 bytes)

renaissance.jpg (60819 bytes)

mouline.jpg (64548 bytes)

Rosemarkie (P)


St Georges (P)


Renaissance (P)

The Heirloom Edition

Mouline Rouge (P)


bristol2.jpg (61208 bytes)

paradigm.jpg (56926 bytes)

bagatelle.jpg (54412 bytes)

Copy of Spirit of vierlande.jpg (93128 bytes)

Bristol Fashion (P)


Paradigm Lost (P)


Bagatelle (P)


Spirit of Vierlande (P)


Tyler`s Lion1.JPG (217150 bytes)

Carrelage2.JPG (206953 bytes)

Words.JPG (51701 bytes)

scarlet.JPG (38605 bytes)

Tyler`s Lion (P)


Carrelage (P)


Words Alone (P)


Scarlet Ribands (P)


Spirit of Marken.JPG (202666 bytes)

Pot4dickie.JPG (631765 bytes)

Llanfair2.JPG (244075 bytes)

Epistle pic.jpg (214193 bytes)

Spirit of Marken (P)


Pot 4 Dickie (P)


Spirit of Llanfair PG (P)





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